Maura Carley's New Book "Health Insurance: Navigating Traps & Gaps"

Maura Carley's New Book "Health Insurance: Navigating Traps & Gaps" is available for pre-order on Amazon Maura Carley's New Book "Health Insurance: Navigating Traps & Gaps" is  available for pre-order on Amazon
"Maura Carley has written an important book for anyone who has to navigate our nation's fractured, fragmented, inadequate health insurance system.  Case studies, drawn from years of experience helping individuals and families, provide insight into how these defects can affect us.  No one will emerge from reading this book without a deepened understanding of how today's insurance model leaves us vulnerable to tragic medical and economic consequences."
David M. Lawrence
Chairman and CEO (retired)
Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Inc.
San Francisco Bay Area, California
"Today we are faced with new, convoluted health care laws and ever-changing health insurance plans, eligibility and enrollment rules. Making the best choice among confusing options is akin to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. The good news is that help is here—Maura Carley’s book, Health Insurance: Navigating Traps and Gaps, is a must read as a reference and to inspire you to take action to protect your family’s savings, medical coverage and peace of mind.”
 husband Greg Jenkins, M.D.)
Olympic Gold Medalist in Figure Skating
San Francisco Bay Area, California
"I have known Maura Carley for years.  When I retained her firm, Healthcare Navigation, they handled a burdensome situation with remarkable effectiveness and results.  If you need to understand healthcare coverage, read Health Insurance:  Navigating Traps and Gaps."
Susan Whiting
Media Executive
Chicago, Illinois

"There is no clearer explanation of how Medicare works than Health Insurance: Navigating Traps and Gaps by Maura Carley.  Every person going onto Medicare should read it and every person on Medicare should read it.  Throughout the years Maura Carley and her colleagues at Healthcare Navigation have always given me and my family terrific advice regarding my choices in health care.  In Navigating Traps and Gaps Ms. Carley also explains that in addition to understanding Medicare it is imperative that you understand your retiree medical benefits and how they can change or even be eliminated. Read this book.”

Peter Gogolak
Former Professional Football Player
Sales Director, R.R.Donnelley & Sons Co.
Darien, Connecticut

"I have built several companies and always made sure that I had excellent healthcare coverage. When I sold my last company, I was faced with a transition to Medicare. This was a traumatic, processing nightmare.  Medicare choices used to be simple, but not any more. I received invaluable expert advice and guidance from Maura Carley and her staff at Healthcare Navigation and I recommend that anyone dealing with healthcare decisions especially Medicare, read Health Insurance:  Navigating Traps and Gaps."

Irene Cohen
Partner, Cohen and Miners
Co-Founder, FlexCorp Systems, LLC
Westport, Connecticut

"I was stunned when my wife and I were denied insurance and truly flabbergasted when my infant granddaughter was also denied insurance.  Fortunately I was referred to Healthcare Navigation and they resolved our problems.  They are the experts.  Now Maura Carley has written Health Insurance:  Navigating Traps and Gaps.  If you want to protect your family and learn about our broken healthcare system, read Maura’s book."

Mr. Richard F. Timmins (and wife Bonnie Timmins)
Vice President, Finance (retired), Cisco Systems
Austin, Texas

"I read about Healthcare Navigation in the Wall Street Journal.  That was a lucky find.  They helped my wife and me with several coverage transitions including relocation.  I had no idea the extent to which moving affects your health insurance and the bureaucratic headaches one can face.   The next best thing to Healthcare Navigation’s skillful support is Maura Carley’s book, Health Insurance:  Navigating Traps and Gaps.   I recommend you read it."

Mr. Walter S. Bearden (and wife Noel Bowden Bearden)
Nashville, Tennessee


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